G L Dean

I was one of the very first pupils at the school in Osborne Street in September 1942 and there were 2 classes of 30 pupils. The following year a further 60 additional pupils joined the school. If we had an apprenticeship to go to we could leave at the Easter of the second year.

I somehow managed to be allowed with the first intake even though I was only 12 years old because the course was designed for pupils aged 13 to 15. Since I was only 12 I was kept on for a further year. The school hours were 9 am to 12 noon and then 1-45 to 4-45 pm.

In my first year your practical work was joinery, plumbing and brickwork; a 2/3 hour session a week for one term. In the first year the plumbing and joinery were held in workshops at Park Street. The brickwork was outside in the closed playground at Osborne Street. Later premises were obtained behind the bus garage in Canning Street. Friday afternoon was field day held near Newland High School for girls on Cottingham Road.

G Hanby was head in 1942 with Fred Rosedale as his deputy. He also, in the first year, took the practice and theory joinery. A Parkinson was the plumbing teacher and J Redhead was the brickwork teacher. John Wotley and Alf Pearson made up the remainder of the staff. One 3 hour session of English was taken by a Mr Jones from Park Street.
During the first year the classroom was above the boiler house which in turn was connected to the joiners shop (no machinery!)

A Bray joined the school, as did C Sugden and L Hammond. A Bray joined forces with Fred Rosedale to take on a new course which, I believe, was called A Diploma in Building’ this course was made up in the main of sons of builders from the area. Two or three came from Bridlington, one from Skidby and one from Hull. From what I remember it was a two year course.

In my 3rd year I sat in on some of the classes along with workshop time when space was available. I remember being in one of the diploma classes taken by L Hammond and he passed a comment about the hours spent at school. He suggested that in the last year of schooling the starting and finishing times should be extended to those in the industry.
When I left the school I took night classes and a half day release in carpentry and joinery. I finally got my City and Guilds qualification before I finished my apprenticeship (G L Dean, one of the first pupils at the school)
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