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                                                        Alan Quarterman

In my class was Owen "Ossie" Senior who was the only boy in a family with four other girls. He came to school one day wearing a hand me down Duffle Coat, We noticed that the toggles fastened the wrong way. We took the duffle coat off and made Ossie wear it back to front and once we had tied him to the railings facing Osbourne Street put the hood up.

We then went into Chemistry and could clearly see Ossie from the classroom, all was well until a tramp walked by and started fumbling at the coat we all burst out laughing and Bungy looked out the window and spotted Ossie in distress, he flew out and about five paces from Ossie threw the board rubber at the tramp... Bulls eye Ossie was saved

I always remember Mr. "Bungy" Young quizzing me as to why I so enjoyed Chemistry as no one had ever admitted that within their first year at the school

                                                           Alan Smalley

Alan Smalley (alias Jim Hardie)
My name is Alan Smalley, (my Step fathers name) which I took when my mother remarried when was 13, but on the first day at Christopher Wren under my given name Hardie  I was given the the nickname "Jim Hardie" after the cowboy character in a popular western series at the time called Wells Fargo, one of the teachers gave me it, said I even looked like him, it stuck, and I was ever after simply known as "Jim" by everyone at the school.

I have fond memories of most of the lads at the school some of whom came with me from Francis Askew, though I can't say I particularly enjoyed all my time there, which was probably my fault as I was a bit of a rebel and clowned around a lot which didn't endear me to the teachers too much and they gave me a bit of stick (literally)
                                                John Fearn

Arthur Bartrum and I have been friends since our days at HSB some 50 years ago.  I was a pupil from 1958 to 1961, ended up working with Arthur at Ideal Standard, after leaving school, and maintained our friendship when we both left for Canada in the late 60’s.  I recall some names from the list of attendees from the reunions including Robert Rasbuary  (Razzer) who helped get my name into the infamous “Black Book” no less than twice and John Sizer, a good friend from the football team on which I was the Goalkeeper
                                                      JOHN NEALE

Frank Masons cane was affectionately known as Little Willie

Birdie Martins cane was affectionately known as Percy Wade it was 5 foot long and had a star on the end
                                                        John Slater

1960 to 1966 sends his best wishes and would like to receive emails from anyone who remembers him.