Paul Spafford

I had forgotten all about the I Spy competition as reported in Cornerstone school magazine. I think the task was to identify buildings etc in the old town of Hull. As far as I can remember the prize was for books for the school.
                                                     Peter Mc Namara

Mr Symes was a very interesting character, quite young, not really cut out to be a teacher; he didn't need to be, he had independent means!! But I don't know what happened to him.

The last time I spoke to Tony Coates, was about 16 years ago - he was/is a keen golfer.
                                                        Peter Smales

A terrifying nightmare flashback is of Charlie Martin throwing my carefully scripted essay out of the classroom window into the small yard calling it rubbish!
Along with most of the rest of the classes essays
                                                       Peter Wragg

The school trip to Watenlath Tarn was oversubscribed and therefore pupils had to initiative tests to be shortlisted. I think one of the questions was ‘Who was Woodbine Willy?’. Altisadora was the answer to a question about a race horse and the pub in Bishop Burton.

We also had to meet out in the country at a map reference at about 7.30 at night. I can remember riding back on my bike in pitch black. I don’t suppose that sort of thing would be allowed these days.

I also remember the 50 mile walk which I think Birdie organised. In the early 60's long distance walking was all the rage, started by Dr Barbara Moor. The school did one and I think only one lad completed it in the 24 hours. I gave up after 25 miles
                                                         Roger Gale

I was the captain of the school football team who won the Hull Schools cup in 1957. I would love to meet any of that team.

This was a huge achievement because of the size of the school compared to most others in Hull and the surrounding areas.

In the photograph of the team (see old school photographs) I am the one holding the ball, next to me on my left looking at the photograph is Ron Mays who scored 9 goals in one of the games. Our best win was against Ainthorpe in the quarterfinals when we won 1-0 on their ground, they had many of the city boys playing for them.

In the final versus Hessle on their ground we won 4-1 with Keith Dickenson, on the front row at the end to my right, scoring a hat trick. He was the smallest player on the pitch that night and scored all the goals from the left wing.

At the back on the far left is Barry Patterson and next to him is Ginger Brownlee, who I believe died in his 30’s.

Trevor Hornsby is to the left of the goal keeper.
                                                       Ron Smith

Mr. Baslington - I remember him well because I was caned on several occasions by him - once for spilling a bottle of ink in class over a geography text book or map or something.

He drove a big Armstrong Siddeley type of car with huge desk sized headlamps perched on the front mudguards

A guy called Baines - taught French also - had a little goatee beard and was a prankster
Does anyone remember him dressing up and coming into the school as an Indian visitor calling himself Rancid Ham?

                                                    Roy Wolstencroft

I remember Frank Mason assembling everybody that started in September 1965 and dividing a line down the middle and counting 26 for A class and 26 for the B class.

Anyone who wants to change places reassemble now!

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