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                                                         Chris Lock

I remember that I attended a camp and a party of us walked / hiked to Hutton le Hole, on to Rosedale and Hamer House we where camped the night and hiked back the following day.  All this was done with a short briefing from
leaders / teachers (Birdie Martin, who was also my Scout Leader) and then left to our own devices re map reading, router planning etc. and not even monitored throughout our journey by leaders.

Risk Assessments!!!

                                                       Eileen Coleman

When I saw the photograph in the HDM of the Sir Christopher Wren boys, I immediately recognised the teacher, Mike Perry. He was Head Boy, I think, during my time at Kingston High School from 1943 - 1948. Sorry to learn that he has died. I served him dinner for a year when I was a server.

                                                Eric Martin (teacher)

I remember taking pupils to Hull Boys Club, Roper Street for PE as I was the only teacher that looked fit enough to take this subject. And also remember that swimming lessons took place at Albert Avenue and that I looked after the football and athletics events at Inglemire Lane

                                                         Geoff Green

Mr. Hudson Geography, famed for caning the whole of the 2B form in 1964 for not doing homework which he believed he had set, but nobody recalled him setting it and as a consequence no one had done. Something odd there!

Mr. Wolf who taught English for a short period at the school circa 1965, who sparked interest in the boys generating Wolf like howls on the balcony in the main hall.

Happy Days!

                                                      Ken Jenneson

Extra special regards to Mr. ‘Birdie’ Martin who was a great inspiration to me in my life and his enthusiasm for physics has passed down to my son. Who is a lecturer in nuclear physics? He is always remembered by his bright ginger hair.

                                                      Maurice Dunn

The school, when I started, was known as Hull Municipal Technical College, Building Trades Annexe, Osbourne St. and I believe had a notice board near the entrance to that effect.

The School stood well back from the footpath edge by around 30/40 yards. I hadn't realised that another building had stood on the yard area close to the footpath until last year (2008), at the reunion, when I picked up a document showing a photo of the original building. This had obviously been cleared away by the time I started in Sept 53. And it was a rather rough area and would be totally unacceptable now days as people might trip up and hurt themselves. One of the activities at break time was combing the yard for small pieces of lead which must have melted from the original building. Can't think why we bothered really.

I still have all the intermediate school reports. I left in Jan. 56 upon offer of a job with YEB. Any developments after that I have no knowledge of.

The Cecil Cinema was built during the two years I was there, being on the opposite side of Osbourne street and I learnt to swim during my 2 years as we were taken to Albert Ave. baths on Thursday afternoons by Charlie Sugden, who was our Building construction teacher, never did find out if he could swim or not!!!

The Woodwork/Plumbing/Brickwork shops were in some prefab like building near to where the new Tech. was built on Queens Gardens.