Our year did 4 years at Wren then did the 5th and 6th forms at Marvell. Since the Jervis and Barham kids were comprehesively thick, the Marvel 6th form (headed by Eric Martin) was almost 100& ex Wren Kids.

A lot of 53/54/55/56 "kids" will be keen to see Eric again as they will recall those few years with him as the head of Marvell 6th form.

It was during that time that I got to know "Birdy" pretty well. I lived in Orchard Park in North Hull by then and it was on his driving route to school, so often he would stop at the bus stop and give me a lift.

We are old buddies. He worked really hard on me and used to give me a lift from Orchard Park on most days after we moved to Marvell, I think I became his nemesis after I started seeing the English teacher there.

As for Bungy (Gordon Young) as him if he has still got his Arsenal of bats and slippers to spank us with.

Many of the old Wren Kids ended up at Marvell, Paul Bainbridge included, and he was the year below me. I'm in touch with a few of my year but there are many I have lost touch with. I was buddies with Ian McKay. Last I heard he went to Hong Kong.

Funniest story is that I was a teacher myself for a while. When I was training they sent me to teaching practice to Marvell. I was so well received by the staff (after the controversy with a former teacher) that I was only there a day and apparently the sraff room was in such an uproar that the head was obliged to ask me to go and train somewhere else, so I did it at Bransholme instead.

Kevin's contact email address is I'm running a team of medical reps. in an area that stretches from Toronto to Vancouver Island. Tp give you an idea, that distance is about 6hours on a 737!
Kevin Bird
Mike Davidson
Kevin Davidson (no relation) and I were great friends. We were all thick as thieves (or maybe just thick!!!) Can you believe 2 boys actually broke INTO the school one weekend? Not to do damage like it would be today - objective was to get up the spiral staircase and into the loft area. No, I don't know why either!!

email address
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