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House One Football Team Report.

House One football teams did not have a very successful season as far as winning many house matches. The scores were not kept on record, but at least half the matches were lost and one match drawn. The boys who played regularly for House One were:

GoodFull back
OxtobyFull back
StatonFull back
JohnsonHalf back
AcumHalf back
SmithHalf back

In spite of bad weather conditions, each boy put his best into each match. Although the play was good, praise and thanks should go to all members of the team for playing the game and for being good sportsmen.

K. Oxtoby (Captain)

House Two Report

During the 1959-59 football season, House Two were very unlucky not to win the League Championship, this being due to House Four who beat us twice. The top goal scorer was Appleton who was outstanding throughout all the seasons’ games. Rasbuary has also played very consistently throughout the season. Fee was goalkeeper and Porter and Smith full backs. Corlass, Bartrum and Rasbury as half backs. Our final position in the league at the end of the season was second.

In the cricket it was the same story with House Four beaten by only eight runs. Corlass, Rasbuary, Baartrum and Appleton being our best batsmen.

Our highest score was 75-3 against House 6

Captain House Two

House Three Football Report

House Three have been very unlucky in the past two years. They have been runners up both times. In 1957-58 season we finished with the same number of points as House Four, and, in the play off we lost. This year we failed by one point  “to get the cup”.

In the main it has not been the skill of the team as much as the team spirit and enthusiasm. In the main the team throughout the season was:-

Mackman, Cheesman, Howley, Hall, Fewster, Dearnley, Taylor, Spafford, Atkinson, Popplewell, and Bodfield.

In the second year Mackman  and Bodfield had some very good games, and in the first year Hall and Chessman have played exceptionally well against some good opposition.

Dome of the games which we won have not been too interesting, because we were just running from the half way line with the ball and popping in goals. But the best match of the season was against House Two. In the first round we lost heavily to them, and in the second round at half time, it looked as though they were going to win again, because it was 3-1 to them. But House Three fought back very well, and won by 5-4. This match especially showed the fighting spirit and enthusiasm of the team. This summer I will be leaving, but I hope to keep in touch with House Three because I fell sure it will be third time lucky for them.

KENNETH FEWSTER Captain of House Three

House For Report

This House had a most successful season, winning both the football and cricket competitions.

Their success in football was due to Ward and Magson. Their success in cricket was due again to Magson, and also to Barton. The team only lost two matches out of six. House Two had them worried, but Magson and Ward got through their defences.

The cricket team did well with Burtons fast bowling and excellent batting. Most of the House played in some game or other.

J Mooney 2 Alpha

House Five Soccer Team

P10 W 4 D1 L5points 9

This was not a very successful season as far as we were concerned. We played with our hearts, but not with our feet. The first match of the season was against House Six which we managed to win 1-0 and the return 9-0. The match after this was against House Two, we lost both times 1-10, 3-5, against House Three we lost 2-3 and drew 3-3. Next came the champions team, House Four, they won the league cup last season and then we managed to beat them 11-0, but lost the return 1-6.

The last match of the season was against House One. We won the first match 14-6 but lost the next 1-6

C. Howland 2A

Review of House Six Football Team

House Six finished at the bottom of the table. Only two matches were won during the season. We managed to defeat House Three by seven goals to nil, due to goals scored by Morrell who scored three goals and Downs who also scored three. The odd goal was scored by Fleming. The other match agaist House Two was won by three goals to two. The best players during the season were Morrell who played well throughout the season and Elgie defended very well at fullback.


The House Six team put up a great fight and finished half way down the table. House Four were given a hard fight. They were dismissed for 26 runs and we managed to scrape up 21 runs. House Six also won by 2 wickets against House Three and by seven wickets against House One.

The whole team played quite well throughout the season. The most outstanding players being Morrell and Morgan. Morgan had a very fine season as wicket keeper.

H. Downes 2 Alpha