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The leading positions in the House football league were:-

House Four first

House Three second

House Two third

Basket ball competition 1958

The School Basket Ball matches, which have now become an annual event were played on December 17th 1958 at Roper Street Gym. Ten teams took part.

The eventual Basket Ball champions 2 Alpha were rather lucky, some spectators thought, to beat a first year team, but they must realise that the champions were only treating this as a practice match; the only scorer for this match was Appleton. In one of the semi finals 2 Alpha met 2A and it was in this match that the spectators were able to see a 2A team at its best for with long sweeping pinpoint passing down the wings, backed up admirably by two capable half backs, the unfortunate 2 Alpha team was “run into the ground”. There cannot have been a spectator present who did not marvel at the accuracy with which passes were dispatched and at the over whelming power which 2A held in all divisions.

Even in the final, 3A, who boasted several ‘toughs’, had finally to admit defeat by 2A. As in the semi final the more direct play of this young 2A team champions proved to be too much for their opponents. At first this game looked as though it would turn into a “Free for all” but after the 3A “Toughs” had been boxing, and a caution or two had been handed out by the referee Mr. E. A. Martin, the champions were able to settle down into their smooth and finally victorious mood.
The two teams who met in the final were:-

2A:- Appleton, Howland, Earl, Acum, Oxtoby

3A:- Mason, Foster, Guy, Gray, and Lidster



The table tennis club, organised by Mr. E.A. Martin, is held between 4-15 and 5p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings for pupils of the first, second and third years respectively. Subscription for membership is only one penny a week.

Although there were only a few members out of each form, it has been very interesting and worthwhile for those who joined the club.

Once a year a knock out competition is held and this year thirty two boys took part in the first round. When all the rounds leading up to the final had been played the other thirty competitors were allowed to watch the final. The winner of the competition then chooses some suitable article for his prize. The entry fee for the competition is three pence per person.

As mentioned earlier, there are only a few members in the club at present, but there is still a marked shortage of equipment. Among the equipment that I feel we require for the club in order that it should fulfil its purpose, is; a full size table, some new bats and a new net. The only possible suggestion as to how to raise the money for the equipment is to charge three pence a week for those who play Table Tennis during the dinner hour.

C. WOODGER 3 Alpha


We were invited to participate in the Schools District Swimming Gala on June 3rd 1959. Mr. Sugden collected together certain students of the school who were generally interested from a sportsmanship point of view. We are not gifted with an overload of prospective channel swimmers and the boys realised that if we would not require transport for our points and prizes gained we should at least have tried for the sport of the Gala. We entered for events in each of the classes and were very surprised that we were not always in the wake of the last swimmer. We are sure that we could have done much better if we had had more support from 2 Alpha as most of the strongest and fastest swimmers come from this class. The sportsmen who made up the team were:-

2A 2Alpha 1A 1B
Howland Morgan Cheesman Fleming
Acum Fewster Waterman Turgoose
Lloyd Rooms Sanderson
Magson Minns

The members of the team gratefully thank Mr. Sugden who entered our tem for the event.

L. Acum 2A


During previous years this annual run has been compulsory to all who were physically fit, but this year however, owing to bad conditions, it was made voluntary. This reduced the number of competitors from the usual one hundred and thirty to approximately ninety, but the race remained as exciting and worthwhile as in previous years.

Much rain fell before and during the race, rendering the pavement surfaces slippery, whilst Snuff Mill Lane which lies along the route, was coated with a layer of greasy mud, this bringing even the best of the runners almost to walking pace.

Unfortunately there was an accident when a boy fell and injured his knee.