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We congratulate the boys who passed in some of the subjects of the General Certificate of Education during the year 1958. The boys on the whole did extremely well, out of fifty six papers, twenty six passed, with many others near the pass mark.

L. BucknellMaths., Science, Geometrical Drawing, Woodwork, Surveying

C.T. MarrowEnglish, Maths., Geom. Drawing, Surveying

B. PatersonMaths., Geom. Drawing, Art, Surveying

R. MooreMaths., Geom. Drawing, Surveying

P. BuntingMaths., Gem. Drawing

J. B. LongdenGeom. Drawing, Surveying

N.A. LoweMaths., Woodwork

L. SwannGeom. Drawing, Art

Congratulations to the winners of the following prizes and certificates:-

Form Prizes - (Top boy in examinations)

1AR. I. Tunley
1BW.D Whatt
2AL. Lockwood
2 AlphaD. J. Prescott
3AR. Mason
3BP. Watson

Guild of Building Prizes

WoodworkT Johnson 2 Alpha

MetalworkJ Stephenson 2A

BrickworkT Ward 2 Alpha

Swimming certificates 1958 - 1959

1st year
1st class

M.A Clark
J.W. Cheesman
A Lilley
M.J. Mackintosh
P.J. Turner

2nd year
1st class

P.E. Francis
T. Johnson
M.E. Morfin
J.D. Smith
E.J. Wright

1st year
2nd class

R. Minns
M.F. Moore
K. H. Russell
G. Sanderson
C.E. Simpson
R. Smithurst

2nd year
2nd class

J.M. Frith
J.E. Kirkwood
A. Jarvis
L. Metcalf

1st year
3rd class

K Cambridge
D.P Kerins
P. Thacker
B. Turgoose
P. Webster

2nd year
3rd class

R.N. Newton
L. Medcalf
B.F. Perry
C. Phelan
K.J. Oxtoby
R.W. Walker
K.S. Fewster

Cross country

Senior prizeIan Clark3A
Junior prizeIan Morrell1A

Table TennisTerence Corlass 2A


R Mason 3A and J. Foster 3A

The editors of the Cornerstone would like to express grateful thanks to Mr. C.E. Martin for his invaluable assistance and advice. Also to all staff and boys who have contributed articles to this year’s Cornerstone