I left High School for Building in the summer of 1956 and joined an apprenticeship scheme at Hebdons Joinery and Undertakers. I then had various jobs in the Hull area culminating in a role at Thornton Varley where I worked on building the showroom extension in 1962-63.

A number of my colleagues and friends decided that emigration to New Zealand seemed a good idea, however in the end they all pulled out and I emigrated on my own in July 1963.

I managed to find work at Fletcher Construction, Wellington where I ended up as a foreman which led to me working at various locations on the North Island, New Zealand.

In 1965 I started my own construction company in light commercial business and over a period of time extended this to include a number of bridge and farm constructions.

After the breakup of my first marriage I relocated to Taupo and worked in the bush as a 'post peeler' until I managed to sort out my life and decide what I really wanted to do and achieve.

In 1974 I created Yorkshire Developments with the plan to use my skills in the building trade. During this time I and my fellow employees built several motels on the lake front at Taupo. Additionally this extended to include lake side houses.

I remarried and in 1982 my new wife, Sue, and I bought a bankrupt petrol station and motel store. It took approximately a year to turn the business around after which I sold it for a tax free profit of NZ$100,000.00!

This, we decided, was our future. We soon built a ski lodge, which we named Howards Lodge, which incorporated ski hire, transport, accommodation for backpackers which we ran for 10 years.

From this we built up our new business and ran the first buses into the Tongariro Crossing within the National Park. This proved to be very successful. After a period of time we decided to sell the business (no capital Gains Tax in NZ which was quite fruitful!) and returned to Taupo. On our return we built and operated motels, hotels and flats for rent. Some of these border Lake Taupo offering great views across the lake. A business that continues to the present day (April 2012)

Each year Sue and i return to Hornsea in late June until July to ensure that I do not lose my Yorkshire accent. I would be pleased to meet up with any of my former school chums, please contact me at the email address shown below.

In summary - I moved to New Zealand in 1963 as there didn't appear to be a future for me in Hornsea. I think I made the correct decision because my goal was to own a Rolls Royse and a Rolex and als to become a millionaire and most importantly to be happy. Mission accomplished!

If anyone would like to contact me they can do so by email: or by writing to me at 14 Lake Terrace, Taupo 3330, New Zealand

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