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With the exception of John Slater I haven’t kept in touch with anybody from my school days and in the case of John although I’ve known him since Cavendish Road infants and junior school, we didn’t really become friends until we met up again as student Public Health Inspectors (now known as Environmental Health Officers) in 1966 and we’ve been best friends ever since.

Neither of us stayed in Environmental Health, I hung up my rugby boots and left Environmental Health in 1986 and moved to Spain. I’ve been a self employed English teacher ever since I came here and I live in a small town called Corbera de Llobregat, about 15 miles inland of Barcelona

I think our year was the first to start a rugby league team when we were about 14 years old and Charlie Martin (teacher) was the coach, but I think he knew more about rugby union than rugby league. In my case I carried on playing until I was 38, although I did play rugby union for about four years in the 1970s, two seasons for London Irish and two seasons for Saracens in North London. 

I came across Mr. Baines, our art teacher, a couple of years after leaving school (about 1967). He worked as a croupier on the poker table in Club 51 on Spring Bank, but I don’t know if he was doing the two jobs at the same time, but if he was he was really putting the hours in. I went there for the disco and not the gambling, so I didn’t speak to him much.

I ran into Dave Spivey at Beverley Regal on a few Saturday nights just after leaving school and talked him and his mate into playing rugby league for Greatfield Youth Club under 19’s. He played a few games and after that I lost touch with him and never heard anymore about him.

Alan Smalley

When I left the school I had a number of jobs including time at sea, before spending 30yrs with Humberside Police I retired as Sergeant in 2005, but was quickly asked back as a civilian and I am currently still working for them as the Deputy Force Incident Registrar


My hopes of becoming a trainee quantity surveyor were dented at interview when the boss of this large local construction firm claimed that he had never heard of the school. Furthermore I learned that a boy whom I had left behind at the secondary modern got the job. Eventually I landed a post as assistant buyer which lasted about 3month when the firm closed having failed to win the contract for which we had bid and I had my cards without a full weeks notice. The Youth Employment offered me office junior with a Shipping Agency and that’s the line I stayed in for almost 3 years until I reached my 18th birthday when I joined the RAF just as National Service was ending. After 12yrs service as a photographer I joined the BBC as a Television Cameraman based in Cardiff and in 1997 on taking early retirement continued to freelance for six years.
At 60 I gave up work altogether and moved to Holland where I met my wife, who is Dutch, whilst serving here with the RAF. We also spent 3yrs in Cyprus where our daughter was born who now lives in Essex with husband and two daughters aged three years and five months respectively.
My hobbies in Cardiff had been mainly sailing and sea angling so it seemed only natural to buy a boat on moving to Holland. I have a 28ft diesel cabin cruiser which keeps me out of mischief most of the time mostly on maintenance work. (


My date of birth is 14/02/1932.  I know quite a few ex pupils from the 40s.  It was quite noticeable that a large percentage of pupils did not stick to their trade and move on.  Some stayed in the building trade at various levels. I became a housing manager for a charitable housing association. I travelled and lived in Sheffield, East London, West London, Newcastle and finally back to Hull.  I was partially responsible for negotiating the purchase of some old flats in Midland Street we modernised them, then on the opposite side of the road was Oxbridge’s factory (Cough and lung syrup and lozenges).  We purchased the building kept the main frontage intact then demolished the remainder and rebuilt some more flats.  This gave us over half of Midland Street and part of Osborne Street. So I was back where I had started in the building trade.  I worked for the Sutton Housing Trust for 37 years.
What I Did After Leaving School
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