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SWIMMING 1962 - 63

This year, above all, it was proved that winter swimming has its advantages during the weeks of frost and snow when we were prevented use of the football pitches. Many of the boys enjoyed the use of the baths and had it been left to choice the whole of the school would have attended and Mr. Wallis and I would have been washed away in the flood tide.

The use of the baths is well rewarded with the lists of success and also many of our new intake have at least found that it is possible to travel through water without even walking on the baths floor!

I would like to place on record how we appreciate the help of Mrs. England as instructress and our thanks to the Hull Education Committee for supplying her services each week.



Harman S          3rd
King G               2nd
Sellars P E        3rd
Wade G F         3rd
Walker D J        2nd


Ellerington R      1st and 2nd
Heath R              3rd
Stow C               3rd
Taylor J              1st and 2nd
Tasker R C        3rd
Troupe K           2nd
Woolridge J      3rd


Allen A                2nd
Austin D             1st and 2nd
Caldeira P         1st and 2nd
Edwards K         1st
Normington P     2nd
Parrott G             1st
Porter T              2nd
Sylvester S        2nd


Bloomfield A      3rd
Dalton K             2nd
Hodgson R         3rd


Figgett M K         3rd
Wiles D               2nd
Lill C P                2nd
Wise D                3rd


Baker I                 3rd
Hardy J                2nd
Shepherd T A     3rd
Wyles J                3rd


Meredith J D        1st
Ruthven E             3rd
Silburn A               1st
Thompson A         2nd
Vokes T                3rd
Myers D                1st
Whittaker D          2nd


The school entered the Table tennis League fir the first time this year. Great encouragement was given by Mr. Symes during the time that he was present with us. Our first match was against East Mount High School at East Mount. The result was close enough to make the match exciting and finally we lost by five games to three. Our next match was played at home against Craven High School when we won and followed this up with victory over Charterhouse High School.

We lost to Boulevard High School by five matches to three - but finished the first half of the season by comfortable victories over Pitman’s College and St Andrew’s High School. We commenced the second part of the season badly by losing once more to East Mount, this time on our home ground, the score being five games to three. A victory over Craven High School away was the beginning of a series of victories which enabled us to finish in the second position in the league to East Mount High.

The following boys played in the team: Stephenson, Anderson, Kealty and Spivey.



The race was run in terrible weather conditions. Frequent snow and sleet showers at times hid the runners completely from view. Conditions underfoot varied from mud to mud and water, in which the competitors slid and skidded, and at times fell full length. Great credit must go to the junior boys, who bravely battled on when all hope of being up with the leaders had faded beyond hope of recognition.

P Pick (IIA) ran extremely well to win the Junior events and thus places his name on the Junior trophy. John Harman (IVR) ran in his usual powerful style, making light of the conditions and came in a very worthy winner of the Senior trophy.

Strickland House were winners of the football competition after a season badly interrupted by the weather conditions.

The Table Tennis competition was won by Paul Stephenson (IIIA) whose lack of inches was more than made up for by his agility and return smashes.