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We are very anxious to keep in touch with our Old Boys. It was thought to be a good suggestion that a section of the magazine should be devoted to an exchange of news concerning the futures of Old Boys, their work and progress. It was realised that the first attempt would necessarily not be large, but “Large oaks from acorns grow!. Would Old Boys please address any information concerning their school friends - where they are, at home or abroad - to the editor of the magazine at the school. All such information will be very acceptable and no doubt Old Boys would be pleased to know how their friends fare in the world.

The College of Technology received the following students from us during the last two years. We have no doubt that they are progressing well and thoroughly enjoying their course.

1962 - 1963

R Carey
B Pitt
C Simpson
I Smith
R Tunley
T Waterson

1961 - 1962

G Atkinson
W Fee
M Hogarth
L Metcalfe
M Morfin
P Spafford
S Morgan

Two of our old Boys, R Mason and T Johnson are both students of the Brighton College of Technology, reading for the Diploma in Technology (Dip. Tech). We send them our very best wishes and hope for a successful conclusion to their strenuous efforts.

We understand that they are to be joined in a short time by M Hogarth, W (Billy) Fee and Morgan. This is indeed excellent news.

C Lloyd is now employed by Fenners. We hear that he is shortly to be joined by a life partner. We extend our sincere good wishes for a very happy married life.

P France is also at Fenners, no doubt excellent company for Lloyd.

M Cormack is employed by City Engineering Co.

L Acum and D Burton are both with Yorkshire Hennebique - no doubt many large buildings are straight overend after their excellent training here under Mr. C H Sugden.

S Lunn - from information received Lunn is in a most humane occupation - he makes teeth for the toothless - a dental technician

H Barker - is studying electronics at the College of Technology

D Fleming has taken to the law - he enforces it - he has joined the London Police Constabulary. We hope that the policeman’s lot will be a happy one.

M Macintosh is ploughing pastures (educational) now at Newcastle College of Technology.

C Limon is an apprentice architect in Hull

J Sizer is with Mascold at Leeds no doubt studying refrigeration engineering.

K Shortland has joined Messrs. Spooner in the Building Industry

M Cormack, we presume, is learning the art of lithography with the City Engraving Co. No doubt finds an outlet for his artistic abilities

J Stephenson has found his way into Building and is with Messrs. Quibell

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