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Congratulations to:

Mr. Martin, the Science Master, as leader of a party of Scouts, representing not only Hull but the whole of the East Riding at the World Jamboree - and the venue, just imagine, Niagara Falls, Canada.

The following boys won certificates for swimming this year:-

T Black First Class
M Nicklin First Class
J.S. Sanderson First Class
J. Turgoose Second and Third Class
S. Dunhill Third Class
C. Hudson Third Class
J. Gelsthorpe Third Class
S. Lake Third Class
I.A. Coates Third Class

The winners of the Guild of Building Prizes:-

J Neal Brickwork
J Gelsthorpe Carpentry and Joinery
P. Nolan Plumbing

Form 2B on winning the Hand-ball competition during the Easter Term

The “eel- catchers” for turning up on a wet Saturday morning.

We hope to end this year by having good weather for our excursion to York on Wednesday, 18th July. Approximately 63 boys and 6 masters will be going, and we shall be split into small parties for our tour of the city’s interesting features. A group of older boys will be taken around some very recent archaeological discoveries, by Mr. Taylor an antiquarian, and a tutor will assist him in explaining items of interest. Mr. Taylor is an Old Boy of the Te4chnical College and offered his services on that score.

To the boys who are leaving school, and to those who have already left, we wish every success. We hope to see them in regular attendance at Evening Classes and part time day classes, and eventually in our fine new College of Technology.

Memories and Desires by J Hudson (Form 2A)

It was in the month of April, 1954 that I decided to enter my scholarship examination. My Ambition was to become a joiner. I decided this was my chance to learn more about the trade so I notified the head teacher at my previous school.  In July I was thoroughly happy to be informed that I was accepted for this school.

I started school here on Tuesday, the 8th September. I was welcomed along with the other new entrants by experiencing the usual habit of fagging. On the first day of each new term this is done by the second year to the first year.

I enjoyed my school lessons and above all English, Joinery and Arithmetic. Although homework was practically new to me I enjoyed doing it very much.

The days I looked forward to most were Thursdays and Fridays. On Thursdays we went to Inglemire Lane for football all afternoon; on Fridays we went to practical work at the Queen’s Gardens’ workshops. I enjoy football for it is my favourite sport.  I was delighted to be chosen for my form to play against 1B

I was glad to be in the second year after last summer holidays. Now it was my turn to do some fagging but this year our Maths teacher only allowed it to go on for half a day. I felt fine every time I thought of myself as second year scholar, now having younger boys in the school.

I would like to see many improvements in the school. The playground needs to be re-concreted, as it is a very sorry sight when it rains. Pools appear and there is mud for days afterwards. It isn’t a large school but there are other departments all over Hull. The bicycle shed is far too small.

The boys in the school are quick, quiet workers. They are also very smart although a few spoil it.

Is it the building or the boys that make a school?

Tit for Tat or rather ‘Stick for Tack’ by C Hudson (Form 2A)

With a smile upon my face,
I placed a tin tack in its place,
And quickly ran back to my position,
Waiting for the swift incision.

The master came into the room,
Our lesson to resume,
He strode to his desk with a frown,
And prepared to proceed, sat down.

He sat down with a resounding clump,
And onto his feet did quickly jump,
Clutching at his punctured rump,
Glaring round for someone to bump.

Under our ill-suppressed laughter,
He decided I was the one he was after,
He was not sparing with the cane,
My joke brought me considerable pain!

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