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Canoe Club

It is intended to start a small canoe club next term with the aim of building during the course a number of single and two man canoes. As considerable expense will be involved there will be a weekly subscription to the club and its size will be limited to about twelve keen boys. The work will be done after school on certain evenings during the week and the qualifications necessary to join the club will be:-

a)An interest in woodwork

b)Ability to swim


Further details will be announced early next term.

A rhyme for little brother by N Brownlee (Form 1A)

Now there was a small horse which was lame,
It tried and tried to walk again,
At last it walked with joyful glee,
But the poor little thing was stung by a bee,
It cried and cried in terrible pain,
Until a boy down the lane a whistling came.

He stopped and looked at the horse and cried,
For the small horse lay on its little side,
Action was needed but would it be of avail?
The wee horse again gave a whale of a wail.

The boy then ran for Farmer Brown,
Who was driving some cattle to the market in town,
“What is the matter? Is there anything wrong?”
Said the farmer as he puffed and panted along,
When, however, he looked he became as white as a ghost,
For that poor little horse had changed into a goat.

Straight Talking or Glasby Growls by M Glasby (Form 1A)

The worst fault of this school is that there is no cricket team. There is an angling club, a table tennis club, a football club.

A cricket captain should be picked and Mr………… should apply for the team to be put in a league. A certain night should be picked for practice and the matches would be played on a Saturday morning.

It is too late this year to start, but an early start could be made for next season.

Comments by Mr. ………

In order to enter a team in the league it is necessary for the responsible teacher to be present each Saturday morning when the games are to be played. I regret that due to other activities there are a considerable number of Saturday mornings during the summer season when I am not in Hull, and hence entry into the league is not practical.

There is however, no objection to ‘friendly’ matches being played in the evening or on a Saturday when one of the staff can attend and this would, I feel, be a satisfactory alternative to entering a league. In order that such matches can take place next year I have no hesitation in appointing Michael Glasby as organising secretary for cricket.

Football report by R. Douthwaite (Form 2b)

The School has always ‘run’ a football team of the highest quality in ability and sportsmanship. The selectors of Hull City Boys’ team invariably have a few good ‘looks’ at the ‘Buildings’ before deciding who is going to wear the black and yellow shirt of City Boys. Since I have come to the school, three of our lads have represented the City viz. , R. Gibson, J. Newington, and J. Magson. Although I won’t be in school to tell the tale, I risk the forecast, after watching the first year ‘youngsters,’ that City boys will be calling on the services of at least two more lads very soon.

This year’s team did not have a bright start and didn’t really find their feet until after three or four games. Once they were ‘blooded’ they achieved some very outstanding wins, which on paper looked more like rugby scores.
More important than the high scoring in our favour, was the great eagerness shown by the boys, who turned out in all weather. This was specially so in the game against Endike, when the pitch was covered in snow, and it was raining ‘cats and dogs’ all morning. Although I am a ‘plumber’ I must say that even the ‘brickies’ and ‘joiners’ turned out cheerfully on that awful morning, when we wondered on winning the toss, whether the ‘tide’ was ebbing of flowing.

During the season, it was unfortunate that Gatenby (3A) and Griffiths (2A) had long spells in hospital. Everyone is glad, especially the soccer-minded, to see them well again.

The first year produced no less than seven first team players.

Among the top scorers were Rolfe, Dunkin and Mayes.

W Maack gave some stalwart performances in goal.

The following boys represented the school team during the season:- Maack, Paterson, Gale, Moore, Turgoose, Griffiths, Coates, Thomson, Rolfe, Douthwaite, Mayes, Dalton, Dunkin, Dickinson, Wilson, Lambert, and Gatenby.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank all teachers who made these games possible. Mr. Martin, our trainer, needs special mention as so many of us forget that he gives up so much of his own time to make our school week a happier one.

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