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The ‘Cat’astrophe  D Earl 1A

It all started with Joe Bloggs’ cat having a ‘go’ at ‘mountaineering’, the mountain being a tree sixty feet high. When Tombo, as the cat was called, could get no further he must have decided to let everybody know he had reached the summit, for there came from him such a weird penetrating cry that passers by thought the tree was about to fall.

What they saw did not, as first, cause any alarm but when after some time the cat still refused to budge from its perch John Remacklefellowson, a friend of Bloggs decided to go and tell him.

When Joe heard the story he immediately rang for the Fire Brigade and in his haste almost forgot to give his address. Along with the arrival of the fire engine there was the usual host of people who, like Joe, liked to watch firemen at work.

At first they were rather disappointed but when they saw what the cause for alarm was, they soon began to give vent to a few of their own ideas on how to attract the cat down. A fireman, climbed the ladder, and had the shock of seeing the cat jump past him from branch to branch and take up station at the other side of the huge tree. Two more ladders were placed in position and two more firemen climbed up. After all this trouble Tombo jumped lightly over the extended arms of one of the firemen, scrambled to the ground and disappeared home. The crowd greeted this with a not very encouraging roar of laughter. To console the firemen Joe invited them all to come in for a cup of tea.

The Long and The Short of It  by Ian Greenwood 2 alpha

A long time ago there lived two men, one called Long and one called Short. Now Mr. long was a very short man and Mr. Short was long. One day Short and Long decided to go on a long walk taking a short cut but this short cut was actually longer than the long and short cuts added together. Long, who was short, and Short, who was long, bought two long lollies and two short lollies each. Long ate his short lollies and gave his long lollies to Short who now had two long, two short and another two long lollies, making six short and long lollies in all. To cut a long story short, Short gave Long sixpence for the long lollies, and it will be a long, long time before Long gives Short his two long lollies again.

Congratulations to:-

The boys who passed the general Certificate of Education last year:-

G. Atkinson Mathematics
J.N. Coates Mathematics
S. Dunhill Woodwork
A. Fisher Woodwork, Mathematics and Geometrical Drawing
D. Griffiths English, Science and Mathematics
B.N. Jones Woodwork, Mathematics, Surveying and Geometrical Drawing
J.S. Sanderson Surveying
D. J. Stanford Woodwork and Art

The boys who were awarded Form Prizes:-

Form 3 L. Bucknell
Form 2 alpha R. Mason Form 2A D. Johnson
Form 1A T. Johnson Form 1B J. Stephenson

The boys who won certificates for swimming this year:-


P. Bunting C. Marrow
J.K. Dickinson B. Paterson
T.W. Hornsby K.C. Trevor
N.A Lowe


P Bunting A Furniss
J.K. Dickinson B. Stevens
N.A. Lowe J. A Spence
S. Steels E. A. Parker
P. F. Found S. J. Walter
G. L. Grasby K. Saunders
I. C. Watson G. E. Harland
C. A. Jackson G. Rollerson


M. Nicholson P. R. Jarratt
G. Rollerson J. Slingsby
L. Bucknell

The cup winners:-

Football House 4
Senior cross country race - R. Mason
Intermediate cross country race - J. Kirkwood

The winners of the Guild of Building prizes:-

G. Wilkinson Carpentry
G. Dimmack Plumbing
P. Naylor Brickwork

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