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Congratulations to:-

The boys who passed the General Certificate of Education last year:-

S. Dugdall Woodwork
E. Harrold Mathematics
R. Russell Art
P Voase Mathematics
A. H. Whitehead Mathematics
M. J. Wilcox Woodwork

The boys who won certificates for swimming this year:-

Bronze medal for Life Saving

H. Hennah and J.B. Longden

First Class Certificate:-

J. R. Longden, D. Johnson, E. J. Steele, and C. Greenwood

Second Class Certificate:-

S. Dunhill, M Walkington, A. Butterworth, S. Lake, and K. Trevor

Third Class Certificate

J. Cherry, E.A. Parker, B. Stevens, I. Watson.

The winners of the Guild of Building prizes:-

K. R. Frear Brickwork
G. Woollock Carpentry and Joinery
L . R. Hampston Plumbing

Football 1956-1957 by P Dunkin (form 2B)

League fixtures

Played 12 Won 2 Drawn 2 lost 8 Points 6

Cup results

Daily Dispatch Lost first round 6-5 to Westbourne Street

Hull Schools’ Cup

1st Round - bye. “2nd round beat Hornsea 12-0
3rd Round beat Ainsthorpe 3-0
4th round beat Eastfield 5-1
Final round beat Hessle 4-1

The season started off very badly, and although we played good football at times we never seemed to be able to win any matches. The result was that we only won two league matches and drew two and we finished in the league at the bottom.

In the Hull Schools’ Cup we did very well, and after we had got a team into shape we played some very good football, our finest wins against Ainthorpe and Hessle.

The outstanding player of the season was without ant doubt Barry Wilson, the left full back. he played almost top class football throughout the season and only had about one bad game in all the matches played.

The top goal scorer was Ronald Myers who scored twenty two, followed by Keith Dickinson with nine.

Our worst defeat of the season was 9-0 against Wilberforce and we were well and truly trounced. Our finest win was Ainsthorpe, closely followed by Hessle - these matches were cup matches.

Film Club by J. Longden (form 2B)

The Film Club has been running now for about six months and there is a 2/6 entrance fee. Many boys have joined and seem to enjoy it. The films so far have been one about an oil refinery in Kent, and two cartoons. The last group of films included three cartoons “No Bulls Please”, “Kitchen Mechanics”, and Abbott and Costello. The serious ones were on Mechanical Excavators and Open Cast Coal Mining. The last two were very good and instructive. The films are well worth the money.