Where are they now?
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Surname First Name Finish year Other information
Good     In class 1A 1958
Goodwin     Thought to live in Hornsea area
Graby David 1969 class 1A 1965
Graham     In class 1A 1954
Grant Richard 1969 Listed on Friends Reunited
Grasley G L   In class 1A 1956
Gray Eric    
Gray Jim   May live in Long Riston area
Gray     In class 1A 1958
Greaves     In class 2B 1965
Green Neville   Lives in the Skidby area
Green R   In class 1B 1956
Green Stuart    
Greenley Steve 1969 Thought to live in Plymouth area. Listed on Friends Reunited
Greenwood Ian 1960  
Greenwood M J   In class 2A 1963
Grey Stephen 1968  
Griffiths     In class 1A 1954
Grindell     In class 1A 1954
Grundy     In class 1A 1955
Guymer Richard     Hadfield Gary 1969 In class 1A 1965
Hall     In class 1A 1958
Hall Peter 1965 1969 Class 2B 1965
Hamley     In class 1B 1955
Hammond A   Played in cup final at Boothferry Park 1951/52
Hampton     In class 1B 1955
Hanley Colin 1954 Thought to live in Hull area
Hardy J   In Cornerstone magazine 1963
Harman Roy   Listed on Friends Reunited
Harman     In class 1A 1955
Harrison John 1968 Thought to live on Birmingham area and listed on Friends Reunited.
Harrold Eddie    
Hart Don   Thought to live in Hornsea area
Hartley Rogan T   In class 2A 1963
Hartley 1947 Plays golf at Beverley
Hatfield James   In class 3B 1963
Hayman     In class 3B 1963
Hays Jake    
Hepworth     In class 1A 1955
Herrman Charlie    
Higgins Arnold    
Hill     In class 1B 1954
Hilton John 1968  
Hobb     In class 2B 1963
Hodgson R   In class 3B 1963
Hogben     In class 3B 1963
Holbourne Richard    
Holmes Geof   In class 1A 1958
Holtby Colin 1953 Played in schools football cup final at Boothferry Park 1951/52
Holtby Mike   In class 2B 1965
Hookem Peter   In class 2A 1963
Horncastle Tony 1947 Tony became a builder and built house around the Brough area
Horsley Gerald or Geof 1954  
Hotchkin Harold   In class 1A 1958
Hotham     In class 1B 1954
Howland Chris 1961 Was a member of the 1958 football team